Let's work together

Chris is someone that I loved coming to work and collaborating with. He always brought key insights from his depth of experience that were needed on projects we worked together.

Brandon MossProject Manager

Chris is a highly creative, talented designer. Now that by itself would be fine, but what sets Chris apart from others is that he doesnt get lost in being overly 'artsy', an understands the need to get things done quickly and efficiently , and most importantly on time and on budget.

Frank ThompsonProject Manager

Working with Chris was an awesome experience. He truly understands UX/UI. His designs are not only beautiful and intriguing, but he captures unique aspects of a product and creates webpages that the end user is compelled to engage.

Michael ShieldsDeveloper

Christopher is a detail-oriented talented and effective professional. He has a great ability to work with others in a cohesive environment. Christopher cares deeply about the personal and professional growth of his team members. I would highly recommend Christopher.

Andy EtemadiCEO